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Vkad Hosting Guide

In this guide, I will show you how to:

(a) Get a Domain and Hosting (recommended HostArmada)

(b) Upload your vkad

If you prefer my team to handle everything (including domain and hosting), contact us to opt-in for the done-for-you option at a low yearly price.

(a) Get a Domain and Hosting

If you already have existing domain and hosting, you may want to skip to the next section that shows you how to upload your vkad to your hosting.

>> Before your vkad (digital business card) can go live, you must upload it to the hosting (i.e., server).

Sign up for web hosting. I have been using HostArmada for most of my hosting needs for a few years, and they never disappoint me. Their hosting is reliable and lightning-fast, support is responsive, and pricing is affordable. So it gets my recommendation.

You may choose Cloud Shared Hosting, and to start up, Start Dock is good enough for you unless you want to host more than one vkad or websites, then go with Speed Reaper.

You need a domain name that attaches to the hosting. HostArmada provides a free domain name if you sign up for annual billing. (monthly billing is not entitled)

For domain name, you can use your business name or your name as the branding (eg,, Select the plan and follow the steps where they will ask you to enter your preferred domain name.

You may need a few tries to get the available domain name in case the name you desired is taken. Then, go through the signup process by following the on-screen instructions. Once sign-up is completed, you will receive the hosting information, which includes your Cpanel login credentials.

(b) Upload your vkad

>> The next step is to upload your vkad to your hosting. To do that, first, log in to your Cpanel. Use the Cpanel Access link and log in using the given credentials emailed to you by HostArmada.

>> Once you have logged in, and if this is your first time accessing Cpanel, don’t get overwhelmed. We don’t need most of the tools/functions you see on the screen. We only want to look for File Manager. Scroll down a little and you will find File Manager under the FILES section. Click on File Manager to open up the interface.

>> On the left are the folder (i.e. directory), and on the right are the files for the selected folder. Now, click on public_html on the left. Next, click on Upload.

>> Select the vkad ZIP file (that will be emailed to you once your vkad is completed) to upload it to your hosting. You can also drag and drop the vkad ZIP file to the area where it says “Drop files here to start uploading”.

>> Once you have done uploading, go back to the public_html folder and look for the vkad ZIP you just uploaded. Select the file, then right-click and choose Extract to unzip the file.

>> You can either unzip it to the root (i.e. or a folder (eg, Instead of “vkad”, you can put any name that you prefer eg your name, your business name, etc.

In the Extract (i.e. unzip) window, make sure it shows on /public_html/ if you wish the vkad to appear as (during the extraction, the system will automatically create a folder). Note: if you want to place your vkad at the root domain (i.e., extract it to /public_html/ first, then copy all the extracted files and place them directly under public_html.

It may sound confusing if you are doing this for the first time. Reach out to us if you need help.

If you click to open the folder, you will see all your vkad files. *

>> That’s it. Your vkad is already live and accessible. You may access it using the URL/QR code.