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How To Make Changes To Content

Make text changes to bizkad

You can change the text colors, fonts, sizes, hyperlinks, the text itself, and other customization of your Bizkad based on your preference.

For example, the colors of your Bizkad can be customized to suit your business branding colors. This gives consistent branding to your business, something your customers can easily relate to.

Let’s have a look at how to change the colors. First, ensure you have logged in to Systeme and opened up your page in editing mode before editing.

Change the text color.

To change the color of the text, simply hover over the text you want to change the color for, and click anywhere within the Text element.

Highlight the text and click on the color option to show the color palette.

As you move your mouse around the color palette, you will also notice the color of your selected text changes. Confirm the color by clicking the color of your choice within the color palette. You can also enter the HEX to get the exact color.

Edit the text

As you click on the Text element, all the text (within that specific text element) becomes editable. You can make changes to the text just like a normal word editor. Delete and amend where necessary.

Change text style

Using the text element options, you can make the text bold, Italic, underline, or a combination of all.

Insert Hyperlink

You may want to link a certain text or words to another URL. It could be linking to a different section of your Bizkad (assuming your Bizkad is in a long-form format), to an FB page, to the company website, to your product page, or pretty much any link.

To create a hyperlink, simply highlight the text that you want to create a hyperlink, then click on the chained icon.

Enter the URL into the URL area and click the floppy disk icon to save changes.

Change the text font type and size.

As you click on the text element, you will notice the text properties appear on the left panel.

From the text properties, you can adjust a few things about the text. You can change the text size, font, background, margin, padding, and more. To change the text font size, just enter the size or use the slider to make the text smaller or larger.

As for the font, you can use the available fonts (including Google Fonts), or if you have a unique font, click on Custom Fonts and upload it to Systeme. It is simple and flexible.