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How To Insert or Replace Images

Replacing and Inserting Images

You can insert new images or replace the existing ones within Bizkad.

To do so, log in to your Systeme account and open the page you want to edit.

Replacing existing image

To replace the existing image, just hover the mouse over it and click on it to bring out the image properties.

Click on the image upload icon

Click on the Select file to browse the image on your device or simply drag and drop the image you wish to upload to the upload area. Alternatively, if you have already uploaded the image, click on “Your Images” to browse from the image repository.

Once you have uploaded the image, click on the Insert

Inserting new image

If you want to insert an image into your Bizkad, first, you need to add the image element. Drag and drop the Image element on the left panel to the right, specifically where you want the image to appear.

An image placeholder will appear. Select it and on the left, click on the image upload icon.

You will need to upload the image or select the existing image (if it has already been uploaded to your Systeme account). Then click on the Insert to make it appear on your Bizkad.