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How To Create Hyperlink?


In layman’s terms, a hyperlink is a clickable link (a text, icon, image, etc.) that links to another page, program, file, or object.

For instance, this is a hyperlink.

You may insert hyperlinks in your Bizkad to link to your company website, social media page, etc. For instance, you may link the word “FB page” in your About section to your Facebook page. Whenever someone clicks on the link, your FB page will open.

Step 1: Highlight the word that you wish to hyperlink. In this case FB page

Step 2: Click on the chain icon (pointed by the yellow arrow)

Step 3: Enter the URL or link, in this case, the FB page full URL, into the box provided.

Step 4: Remember to click the disk icon to save the changes.

As mentioned, you can create hyperlinks with images, text, icons, and more.