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How To Create a Round-Shape Headshot Image in Canva

Step 1

Go to and log in. (or signup for an account if you do not already have an account)

Step 2

Click Create a design button located on the top-right of the screen.

You want to select a custom size.

And then enter 400 by 400 pixels. Click Create new design to start

Step 3

On the left, there is a horizontal menu and select Elements. Then, on the search box, type the word “frames”. You want to select the circle round-shaped frame for your headshot profile picture.

Step 4

Drag the circle frame to your canvas on the right.

Step 5

Next, you need to upload your profile image. On the left, select Uploads. Click on the “Upload files” button and browse for your profile image on your computer.

Then, drag your profile image to the circle-shaped frame on the canvas at the right.

You will then see your profile image transformed into round-shaped!

Step 6

Now, download the round-shaped profile image to your computer. Click on the Share button located on the top-right of your screen.

Click on the Download

Then again, click the Download button to save the image to your computer. Remember the saving location as you will need to retrieve it shortly.

I assumed you are using the FREE version of Canva, where the “Transparent background” option is not enabled if you have Canva Pro, great! Go ahead to tick the “Transparent background” when downloading the image. Else, there is a simple workaround method.

Step 7

We need to remove the background of your image so that it looks great on your Bizkad. This is true if you plan to use non-white colors as your Bizkad’s background.

Go to and upload the profile image you downloaded from Canva in Step 6.

The white background of your image will be automatically removed.

You can proceed to download your profile image with transparent background.