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Connect Custom Domain To Bizkad

Bizkad connect custom domain

Before connecting your custom domain to Bizkad, make sure you have completed the domain purchase.

Connecting the domain to your Bizkad is very simple; follow the step-by-step process as I walk you through it. Once the domain is connected, you can access your Bizkad using your domain name instead of the Systeme io subdomain.

Let’s get started.

Step 1

Log in to Systeme and go to Settings – Domains

Step 2

Click on the Add domain

Step 3

Enter the domain name you want to connect to Systeme. For example, to add, you need to enter Make sure to include www. (ignore the https), and once done, click Save.

Wait while the domain is being added.

You will see the following DNS info. There are 2 CNAME details (Host1, Value1, and Host2, value2). You will need to add these details to NameCheap (or any domain registrar or host you use in the next step).

You only need to add the ones underlined in red. I will go through the process of adding CNAME shortly. (You can leave this tab or window open so that you can easily access these details later, without re-opening or re-login)

Step 4

Now, head to and log in to your account.

Once you have logged in, on the left menu, select Domain List and look for your domain name, once you’ve located it, click on the Manage button.

In the Domain tab, under Nameservers, select Namecheap BasicDNS from the dropdown.

Remember to click the green tick icon to save the changes.

Step 5

Click on Advanced DNS tab. Then, click on the Add New Record

Select CNAME Record from the dropdown

Now, for the Host and Value info, we need to copy from Systeme – refer to Step 3 earlier. (if you have closed the Systeme tab, you need to login into your Systeme account and go to Settings – Domains.)

Click on the Show Instructions

Step 6

Copy and paste Host1 and Value1 into Namecheap. Remember to copy only the one underlined in red.

CNAME record systeme io

In Namecheap, here’s what it looks like after you have copied and pasted the Host1 and Value1. Click the green tick icon to save the changes.

Repeat the step for Host1 and Value2. Once you have copied and pasted both, this is what it should look like.

Step 7

To ensure your Bizkad is accessible when someone enters without the www, you will need to add one more CNAME i.e the third CNAME (for redirection purposes)

The process is the same as you did for CNAME earlier. i.e. Add New Record – then select CNAME record. Enter your domain name without www under Host, e.g.,, and for Value, enter Value1 (same as what you have entered earlier)

The value for the 3rd CNAME

So essentially, the third CNAME will look like this after you’ve entered the value:

Well done!

If you have completed Step 7, you’re pretty much done. Just wait for the domain to be resolved, usually within 48 hours, and this process is automatic.

Within your Systeme account – Settings – Domains, initially, the status will show as “Pending validation”, but once validation is done, it will turn to “Ready to use”

Note: If your domain is still pending, check if the CNAME Host and Value are correct. You may reach out to our support for assistance.